3% of the population experience Trich in their lifetime

What is it?

Trichotillomania is a compulsive hair pulling disorder. This disorder affects people in different areas of the body. Some people pull from their scalp and others from their eyelashes. It depends on the person that has this condition where, why, and how often they pull.

Why does it happen?

It is difficult to understand why this disorder occurs. Different triggers can lead to an increased urge to pull. Some people report that they get these urges under times of stress or sadness; which leads researchers to believe it is mostly a condition which impacts people dealing with anxiety or depression. However, at times the hair pulling simply becomes a habit which helps calm a person down. Times of boredom can also be triggers because the disorder reaches a point where it is a habit to pull the hair. This then also leads professionals to connect it to obsessive-compulsive disorder because of the habitual and obsessive nature of this disorder.


This disorder is unique because of how difficult it is to understand. No cure has been found to fully stop trich. However, certain things can be done to help improve the impact the disorder has on a person. Therapy is the main thing which is recommended to help with trich. Seeing a professional could help to teach ways to cope and reverse the hair pulling habit. Although therapy can help a person learn to manage their Trich, there is no official cure to put an end to this disorder.

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